What to do


Now that therapy officially has a day, how can you participate?

  • Blog about therapy
  • Recommend therapy to a friend
  • Hire a skywriter
  • Give constructive feedback to your therapist
  • Give a talk about an element of therapy
  • Write a letter to the editor for your local paper
  • Read a therapy book
  • Tell someone about your own therapy
  • Donate to a low-fee therapy clinic
  • Take someone who has been in therapy to lunch
  • Plan a happy hour for local therapists
  • Watch a good therapy movie, tweet about it
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Learn about low-fee clinics in your area
  • Tell someone about National Psychotherapy Day (Sept 25)
  • Share some Moments of Meanings videos
  • Wear turquoise, and if someone asks, tell them why