NPD 2017!


Hello, psychotherapy supporters! 

The sixth annual National Psychotherapy Day will be on Monday, September 25. I hope you’ll join us as we:

  • fight the stigma against seeking help from a therapist
  • talk about our own therapy to demystify the process
  • share articles that attest to the effectiveness of therapy
  • support low-fee counseling centers by donating time or money
  • wear turquoise in solidarity with other therapy fans

Every year people ask me what kind of program or campaign we’re conducting on the big day. It’s understandable, as we’ve done a few local projects and put on the Moments of Meaning storytelling evening a couple of times. But our local projects have a limited reach. A few therapists in Pasadena can only do so much. 

The only way NPD will make an impact is if you ask yourself what you’re doing for NPD. Are you inviting therapists to a happy hour that night? Are you collecting donations for your local community mental health center? Are you writing a letter to your local paper, talking about the effectiveness of therapy? Are you forming your own Moments of Meaning event? Are you giving a talk to MD’s or educators about the many uses for therapy? Are you writing a blog, creating a Facebook ad, Tweeting with the #TherapyHelps or #NPD2017 hashtag? Hiring a skywriter?

We’ll leave some ideas on our Facebook page over the next couple of weeks, but we encourage you to use your own creative brains to think of unique ways to tell people about many benefits of therapy. NPD was established as one day for therapists to join together to promote the profession instead of themselves, to move beyond any self interest and support the vocation we love, respect, and believe in. 

So, what are YOU doing for National Psychotherapy Day?

– Ryan

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