Why a Psychotherapy Day?

blue couch

Psychotherapy has an image problem.

Despite the fact that therapy is an effective, economical, natural, and meaningful way to improve lives, fewer people go. Why is this? There’s a stigma against people who seek therapy. Therapy and therapists are depicted as a farce on screen. Big Pharma spends billions selling the quick fix of medication, while individual therapists compete with one another for clients. And those are just a few reasons of many.

Psychotherapy needs a unified campaign to promote the profession. That’s us. Since 2012, fans of National Psychotherapy Day:

  • Share therapy effectiveness research
  • Donate time or money to support low-fee counseling centers
  • Give constructive feedback to therapists
  • Talk and write about therapy to fight stigma, and
  • Wear turquoise on September 25th to show support

Join us, follow us (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube), give us suggestions, we’re all ears.